I presented on anxiety as method at Capacious: Affect Inquiry/Making Space on Chad Shomura’s “For Other Better Worldings (Unworlding Attunements)” panel. Like affect, anxiety is a word that labours to hold difference across knowledge spaces (from intimate sites of autoethnography to global abstractions of neuroscience) and embodiments (from the normative ontologies of natural and social sciences to body-making practices alien to the mainstream). Anxiety is not a benign conceptual object, it is a way of acting on and being acted on by the world that alters what relations bodies hold together and inhibits some bodying practices and enables others. In “Ecological Panic!,” I try at a way of thinking anxiety as a body’s porosity to the world, storying the anxious body as a node of anticolonial theory-making that attends to what accountabilities bleed into bodies—and the theories they make—from the precarities and ruins of place.


Capacious: Affect Inquiry/Making Space
August 08—11, 2018
Millersville University’s Ware Center
Lancaster, Pennsylvania