The Fabulation Project is a speculative theory-making game that remixes Joseph Dumit’s (2014) Implosion Project, a set of Haraway-adjacent prompts through which Dumit paces an object in order to get at its material, textual, technical, and political tangles. The game emerged from a yearly STS salon I lead, made up of a mix of multigenerational and neurodiverse attendees, including immigrants and ESL learners, activists, and Indigenous people. While the work of unpacking what worlds are imploded in an object is crucial to staying with the trouble of thorny pasts, doing so in Western analytical/conceptual language seemed to replicate colonial intellectual asymmetries, corroding hybrid or syncretic modes of knowing and shutting out non-Western ideas (see Law and Lin 2016). So, the Fabulation Project asks instead that players fabulate an object from their own situated knowledges in order to conjure alterontologies (Papadopoulos 2018) of science and technology.


To play, you will need a set of double-sided printed cards (see link below) and a 12-sided die. As Hélène Frichot (2016) notes, an instruction does not do the same thing everywhere, it shapeshifts as it is relayed. As an initiating instructive: start from a world you want to make, roll the die, choose a correspondingly numbered card, and fabulate a concept-tool toward your otherwise world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).