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I co-taught a workshop series (with Gregory J. Seigworth) at Affective Societies’ “The Power of Immersion: Performance, Affect, Politics” international spring school at Freie Universität Berlin organized by Rainer Mühlhoff and Theresa Schütz. The intensive weeklong spring school was spurred on by the recent turn to immersion in performance studies and by affect studies that read immersion as a tactic of neoliberal governance through the modulation of relational capacities (Mühlhoff 2018). My workshop proposed Indigenous and otherwise nonsovereign worldings as alterimmersions that work to countercraft a politics of interconnected liberation. Read a recap of the spring school by Agnes Karolina Bakk on the Affective Societies blog.


The Power of Immersion:
Performance, Affect, Politics
Affective Societies
Freie Universität Berlin
April 9—13, 2018


Read my interview with Affective Societies at affective-societies.de.


Slide image: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, An Indian Game (Juggling Books), 1996.