A series of isometric and orthographic drawings styled after packages (toothpaste, matches, glue, a roll of labels, cleaning fluid, and a children’s game) collected in Vancouver, Montréal, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Santo Domingo, and Zürich. Each package is a token—recalls the feeling of a time and place. In computing, a token is an object which represents the authority to perform a function; as a series of digital illustrations, “unfolding” is taken up as an act of care through which the authority of the traveller’s first-person experience is revoked. Each unfolding becomes a map of material histories. What was once a discrete “thing”—a matchbox or a tube of glue—has become contingent: an “unpackaged” package is built of forests, post-consumer waste, the sweat of factory workers. The vertices that once mapped the extents of a single box become coastlines and borders distressed by industrial pollution and conflict economics.